Don’t want to play? Join us for competition, food, and drink.

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Doubles Team


Join this year’s Hampton Open Tournament

  • Includes gift bag for team members 
  • Get ready to join the fun! 
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Custom Paddle

We Provie Customized Paddle for You

“It’s always Hampton Open season with our NEW Hampton Open Pickleball Paddle. Lightweight durable fiberglass, sweat proof grip, and the honeycomb interior make you more ready than ever to carpe dinkum.”- Made by Ame & Lulu

  • Durable fiberglass surface
  • Honeycomb interior is 0.51″ thick
  • Faux leather sweat proof grip
  • Weight: 7.5 Oz
  • 7″H x 7.7”W
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1st Place: Dinner with wine pairing at Three Michelin Star restaurant, Le Bernardin. 2nd Place: 3rd Place: